User Guide
Once the necessary configuration changes are applied and the MultiChildWorkitem is installed on the client a new tab will be shown on the process template. This tab can be used to create child workitems. There are two options given
  • Use WorkItem Template
  • Define WorkItem manually

Use WorkItem Template
WorkItem templates can be used when the user need to get a WorkItem GUI for creating new linked WorkItem. User can enter No of Workitem that need to be linked, Type of link and WorkItem type and click on the "Create Work Item" button
When "Create Work Item" button is clicked a window will be opened where we can define the details for the new workitem


Define WorkItem manually

User will not be getting the GUI as shown above to define WorkItem. User need to enter the names for as many number of workitem he needs(as of now max number of Workitem that can be created is 9)

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