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Project Description
MultiChildWorkItem provides ability to link multiple workItems. No longer we need to create as many workitems as we need and link it manually. This TFS add in helps you to create linked workitem with a few clicks.

It is often required to create linked workitems in TFS. Though TFS2010 provides OOB features for this activity. It requires creation of WorkItems and manually linking these WorkItems. But think of a scenario where for certain kind of tasks it is required to have a set of child tasks. For eg. Whenever a task Development is created, a set of child Task like Coding, Peer review, Code Review and testing need to be created. There could be many development activities and so the child tasks, And it could be little time consuming and boring to do this repetative tasks.

MultiChildWorkItem add-in the helps in creating Multiple child workitem. There are many options given so that the user can create Child Workitem easily

Below are the Features of this release
  • Create a set of Linked Workitem with the names given.
  • User has the ability to create WorkItem on the fly and will be linked by default

Features we plan to release soon
  • Enhanced UI capabilities
  • Ability to upload an XML file with the WorkItem Details and create WorkItem and LInked WorkItem
  • SharePoint version for the Control

How to Install and use "Multiple Child WorkItem"
Who need settings change in both TFS server and Client used to connect to TFS Server
Settings on TFS Server
Settings on Client

How to use "Multiple Child WorkItem"
Multiple Work Item is ready to use if we are done with the above configurationn settings. Follow the User Guide to know more about the usage

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